Nerds on Parade

1978: My big sister and I pose for a snapshot before heading downtown to march in the memorial day parade.

Me with my girl scout troop, clanking sticks together as we walked. Big sis playing the glockenspiel with the marching band. (I wish I could tease her about that, but I played the glockenspiel the next year…)

There was something so refreshingly simple about those days, but we didn’t know it then. Before iPhones, laptops, and video games. Well, we did have PONG on the black & white tv in the basement and it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen, but that doesn’t count.

I was a girl scout for many years. I really hated camping though.Camping is a big part of scouting. But I really hated camping. I preferred earning badges for crafty things and domestic things. I earned a lot of badges. I’m still pretty crafty, although I can’t cook and hate to clean. But I can still clank two sticks together, so that’s something, right?