16-pack-merit-patchesMerit Patches 16 pack

16 Pack Merit Badges for Grown-Up Feats



The whole kit and kaboodle. Includes one each of 16 designs:

VOODOO DOLL: for using your powers for good, not evil.
HAPPINESS: serotonin molecule, for finding happiness.
KEEP ON TRUCKIN’: for powering through life’s sticky situations.
SUGAR SKULL: for celebrating life.
THE HEART: for giving a shit.
BIG DIPPER: for dreaming big.
ILLUSIONIST: for being good with your hands.
INKBLOT: for facing your inner demons.
SURVIVAL: for getting out from behind the eight ball.
OPTIMISM: for believing the glass is half full.
SPROUT: for growing from adversity.
EFF WORK: for going anyway.
HYPNOTIST: for superior powers of persuasion.
ZEN STONES: for living a life of balance.
LOVE: dopamine molecule, for believing in love.
SURREALIST: for thinking outside the suit.

Back of package reads:

“You’re awesome, and here’s a patch to prove it!
We’re not gonna lie, being a happy, well-adjusted adult is hard work. But you’ve shown dedication and determination worthy of recognition. Congratulations on being a grown-up! Now go pick up your toys.”

Product Description

Individually packaged
100% embroidered patch
Iron-on backing
1.5″ diameter
Free Shipping