“Paging Dr. Freud!”

Apr 30, 2011


Arranging choice items on his desk, Freud confessed to Carl Jung: “I must always have an object to love.”

I am happy to introduce the first two prints in a series of Digital Inkblots. No, that’s not one of them in the photo, I’ll explain what that is in a minute.

First of all, I know it was really Rorschach who was responsible for the inkblot psychological studies, but if I used Rorschach in the blog title, I wouldn’t be able to use that admittedly tired, yet always amusing Freud joke. You know, the one where someone accidentally says “boobies” instead of “booties”, or something like that, then someone else says, “Paging Dr. Freud!!” And besides, ol’ Siggie may still have a place in this story…

I have had a fascination with inkblots for some time now. I even created large inkblot paintings on canvas for a while. That’s one of the canvas inkblots in the photo. After making several dozen huge inkblots, some as large as five feet tall, I just wasn’t satisfied. Something was missing. I felt that I wanted my inkblots to tell me more. (now there’s one for the couch! heh…)

And so began the Digital Inkblots. You will surely get way more than 50 minutes of fun out of these inkblot prints. (see what I did there? a little therapist humor…) Look at them up close. Look at them from across the room. Stand on your head. Put on a vest and a fake beard if you must. But remember, sometimes a donkey in pants carrying a book is just a donkey in pants carrying a book…