Jun 18, 2011

cellphone-sunroofcellphone/sunroof is a photo project born from the monotonous and taxing L.A. commute.

slow. an open sunroof. cell phone on the passenger seat. sitting at a light. stuck in traffic. look up. a vantage point we miss when we speed past. a perspective that can be both ordinary and unexpected at once. beauty in monotony. inspiration in randomness. no shots are planned or contrived. the challenge is seeing the stimulating in the mundane. looking harder at something and seeing that there is more to it than thought at first glance. shape. form. color. texture. wit. quirkiness. enjoy.

Photos by Jane Chika. All shot with a 1.3 megapixel cell phone camera, through the open sunroof, while stopped in traffic. All images ©2008-2011 Jane Chika.