Ain’t Life Tweet?

Feb 14, 2011

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i think i was the last person to get a cell phone a few years back. and it took me a couple of years after that to get a camera phone. i always felt like if i’m out running errands, i should be left alone. what could be so urgent that it can’t wait until i get home? well, three cell phones later, i’ve now become so dependent on my iPhone that i’ll go back home to get it if i’ve forgotten it when i left.

the last frontier (at least until the next new frontier shows up) for me is twitter. if i was questioning the need to talk to people while running errands, imagine how silly twitter seems… now we’re gonna tell our “followers” what we’re having for lunch or what a coworker just said? apparently so. as my good friend told me today, “resistance is futile”. so i’ve now joined the masses of twits. what, isn’t that what they’re called? heh. well, i’m still sort of resisting, but i know that after a couple of weeks i’ll be wondering how i ever survived without it.

so, if you’d like to follow disorderly goods, we’re @disorderlygoods on twitter. i promise i won’t tell you about my mediocre microwave delicacies, or about my conversation with the worker at the 7-eleven. but i will share new product announcements, offers for DG freebies, interesting art, and anything else that i think will make your life happier and more fulfilling, or maybe even a little disorderly.

tweet on.